Just like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, the March On Wall Street South was the early warning sing sent by working men and women from all walks of life, all nationalities, all races, all religions, and all sexual orientations that something is fundamentally SICK about America. And they couldn’t have chosen a better place to make their voices heard.

Held in Charlotte North Carolina, the site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the March On Wall Street South sought to call out the Corporate Beasts that truly run the Democratic party. By pointing out the rank hypocrisy of America’s self-proclaimed ‘party of the little guy,’ demonstrators with the March On Wall Street South made it known to the world at large that not all of America is taken in by the fake rhetoric of the Democratic Party.

Sure, the DNC likes to put on a good show by making sure the delegates in its conventions ‘looked like America.’ But beyond cosmetic appearances, the real movers and shakers all belong to the same group of power brokers that run that other monstrosity rotting America from the inside out-The Republican Party.

American politics has gotten so bad, so rotten, so fundamentally corrupt, that regardless of the rhetoric of the duopoly that runs American politics, the results are the same for people of the wrong color, the wrong sexual orientation, the wrong class, the wrong background-meaning 99% of the population. This all blew up to the surface in the rage, anger, and defiant hope shown by protesters during the March On Wall Street South in 2012.

Real representation, real issues, a real People’s Movement

Taking a cue from the desperation made manifest by the Occupy Wall Street movement and strikes from companies like Merck and FA Academy, the March On Wall Street South sought to call out the DNC and the corporate powers based in the South that real Americans, the 99% of the country, are sick and tired of being played for fools. They will no longer be fooled by tokens who supposedly ‘look’ like them and who ‘share’ their struggles yet behave very much like the bloodless and soulless corporate robots that formulate the Republican and Democratic parties’ shared agendas.

They will no longer morosely play along as docile sheep led to slaughter as both Democrats and Republicans push the US to war after war in an ever fruitless and often contrived fake search for ‘terrorists.’ The marchers of the March On Wall Street South signaled that they will no longer get fooled by the fake bailouts as the government throws chump change to Americans in the form of ‘extended’ unemployment insurance as corporate fat cats reap low-tax multimillion dollar bonus after bonus.

These are the real issues that the March On Wall Street South brought home in 2012. DNC or not, these issues remain salient and powerful to this very day. Why? These are the issues that have turned the United States into a bloodthirsty corporate machine that grinds down and spits out sovereign nations’ independence in its blind, mindless rush for more and more profit.

As the March On Wall Street South showed the world, not all Americans are blind to the shenanigans of the 1%. There are real people with their eyes wide open who are willing, ready, and able to look the Beast of corporate America straight in the eyes and call out its dehumanizing lies.

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