Made up of many contingents from the unemployed to minority groups to women’s groups to LGBTQ community members to disability rights activists and many other disenfranchised, historically oppressed, and marginalized groups, the March On Wall Street South reflects the makeup of the people that powered the March on Wall Streets and Occupy Wall Street-representatives of the 99% Official America has forgotten. These are people who got foreclosed on. These are people who got kicked out on their ear when the economy tanked in 2008. These are people who were last hired and first fired. These are people who were bullied for being ‘different.’ These are people who were told again and again that they didn’t fit.

In short, these were the real representatives of the real United States-the 99% that the Matrix of the Global Military-Industrial Economic Capital Complex has forgotten.

Pressing for equal work for equal pay, global peace, demilitarization, greater environmental protections, and other real bread and butter Main Street issues conveniently ‘forgotten’ by the corporate-controlled Mass Media, the March On Wall Street South captured the imagination and attention of segments of social media. Just like the Arab Spring which revealed the deep fissures present in Arab societies, the March On Wall Street South’s social media presence exposed the shiny lies being trotted out by the government regarding America going through a recovery and other such nonsense.

In very immediate and unvarnished terms, the March On Wall Street South highlighted, for all the world to see, the very real issues that the Powers That Be in the United States have kept hidden under the rug for so long.

The Way Forward

As the wage and income gap continues to widen and as more and more college graduates find themselves jobless after graduation, it is increasingly becoming clear that the thin, plastic lies and bogus assumptions that kept the United States together for so long are becoming unraveled. Now, more than ever, we are left to confront the sad and unconformable reality that the American Dream has always been a dream.

Now that there the country’s collective credit card has run out and all the cheap cash needed to maintain the illusion of American egalitarianism has evaporated like a midnight fever’s sweat, we are left with the reality that America is broke and has become an international joke. It’s paper money, historically backed by conquest, plunder, and pillage, is now increasingly worthless. From this teetering shambles, the March On Wall Street South shows the way for America going forward.

What is the way ahead? Simple. Equality and Opportunity. America has the raw ingredients, the machinery, and the people to deliver jobs to the jobless, food for the hungry, and a living wage to all people, documented or not, living within her borders. Kristie Santana of Wedding Planner’s Handbook has been often quoted as saying, “Freedom is not an inalienable, God-given right. It is a privilege that everyone must fight to deserve every single day.” This is the real American Dream-Inclusion. While the March On Wall Street South was written off by the press as small or inconsequential, the vapid mainstream press conveniently ignored the key point of the protest.

The point is that the opinions, the demands, the issues raised by the March On Wall Street South were issues people on Main Street face daily. Daily, people from Oregon to Florida face a brutal police state out to harass, beat, and, oftentimes, kill people who happened to be born with the ‘wrong’ color. Daily, people all over the United States have to stare the possibility of struggling and scraping by because they can’t find jobs that match their training and educational background.

Daily, people from the land between one shining sea to the other have to confront the sad reality that they can never be accepted because they love a person of the same gender as them. Daily, people from all over the United States, have to confront the oppression of rigged interest rates, devalued money, and an economic system that’s a cruel farce played on those without connections. That’s the reality the March On Wall Street South called out.

Make no mistake about it, the March On Wall Street South laid the seeds for a great political reawakening in the United States. It is only a matter of time until America finally gains the collective courage to say ‘enough is enough’ and stop raining multimillion bonuses on CEOs whose only ‘accomplishments’ are to lay off minimum wage employees, slash employee benefits, and ship jobs abroad.

It is only a matter of time until America changes the rules to finally favor the 99%. This is not a prediction. This is merely a mathematical description of the days to come. Let’s just hope such changes are brought about through common sense, a shared sense of common citizenship, and goodwill. Otherwise, armed struggle has and is always an option for oppressed majorities the world over.

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