As America continues to grapple with a weak recovery, one thing is becoming very obvious to the rank-and-file American: something is obviously very broken with the American Dream. What else would explain the criminally obscene inequality among Americans where you have CEOs that make in a day what their average employee makes in a year? What else would explain the fact that regardless of how many rose-colored economic figures wafting out of Washington DC, American labor force participation is the lowest it has been in over 35 years? More and more Americans are scared to start their own businesses, reports Ink’d Academy, as startup rates over the past 15 years have plummeted.

What else would explain that record numbers of Americans are becoming Dot Com millionaires when an alarming percentage of Americans are going on food stamps? There is something fundamentally wrong with our economy and, sadly, this isn’t a fluke. This is actually to be expected. After all, any economic system based on exploitation, humiliation, and dehumanization will, at the very least, produce broken dreams, deep levels of personal disappointment, and, yes, alienation. No. This isn’t a surprise at all. In fact, considering how the odds are stacked against the common working person, the LGBTQ community member, the member of a minority group, the disabled, and other marginalized individuals, its a minor surprise that things aren’t worse.

The reality is that capitalism is built on the ground up bones of your unfulfilled dreams, your dashed and broken potential, and your exploitation. Thankfully, people are increasingly getting fed up and have decided to speak up and point out the fact that, yes, the Emperor wears no clothes. This is why the March on Wall Street South was so meaningful and significant.

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