All You Need to Know about ETA Canada


Checking the visa requirements before planning an international trip is always imperative, especially for first-time travelers to a foreign country. Traveling in Canada is no exception. If you need to visit and enjoy a long vacation in Canada, you should know that you must have an electronic travel authorization or ETA to enter the country.

What is ETA Canada?

Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA Canada, as its name suggests, is a travel authorization required to enter Canada. It applies to foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries for Canada. ETA Canada is electronically linked to the passport. It is important to note that this is a travel authorization and not a visa, which means that requesting and obtaining this document will be way easier than you think.

Who Needs an ETA for Canada?

If you intend to visit Canada in the near future, you are very likely to need an ETA. Although this may not be necessary for everyone, it can be mandatory for many people. Thus, ETA Canada is indispensable for visitors traveling by plane. Those who choose to travel by car, bus, train or boat are allowed to enter the country without it. Although this authorization is a major visa obligation for traveling to Canada, it does not apply to all tourists and visitors. People who are from the United States are exempt from this requirement and can easily travel to Canada without an ETA. However, they must have a suitable piece of identification. If you are not a US resident, you will need to confirm if your country is one of the eligible ones for ETA Canada, and then apply for the authorization in advance in order to ensure that your trip will proceed as planned.

Apply for an ETA authorization for Canada

In addition to cost inexpensive because the ETA Canada price is only CAD 7, it is also very simple to apply for. You will just have to fill the online application form. To complete this form, you will only need your passport, your credit card and a valid email address. Answering the questions on the form only takes 5 to 10 minutes and you can get your ETA authorization right after. So that everything goes well and for your ETA Canada application to be approved, just ensure to fill out the form honestly and carefully. You must provide the latest information and check everything all over again before submitting the form.

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