St. John: Best Honeymoon Location


Because of Trunk Bay, St. John should be on the list of the best honeymoon destinations! Trunk Bay is one of the world’s most stunning beaches, renowned for its tranquility and virgin sands. St. John Virgin Island is a popular honeymoon location despite being a small island, in part because it offers the newlyweds privacy and is a great spot for sightseeing. Tripbirdie gives you some amazing facts about why you should choose St. John’s for your honeymoon location.

The optimum time to visit Saint John for a honeymoon is between mid-April and June. Because it is the Virgin Islands’ dry season, there is less precipitation, and the temperature is pleasant. From July through October, the island is prone to hurricanes. There is a probability of a hurricane occurring during this period. However, it does not occur frequently.

According to available data, many tourists visit St. John Island in May. The typical temperature ranges from the 70s to the 80s, the evenings are breezy, and there is generally little precipitation. It is also safer to visit St. John prior to hurricane season. In contrast to January and February, when fewer guests are, hotel prices are significantly lower from April through June. If you intend to partake in the midnight activities, bring cotton clothing for the daytime and coats for the cool evenings.

  • Activities to Do in St. John

Despite St. John’s small size compared to the other Virgin Islands, there are numerous activities to enjoy during a honeymoon there. It would help if you did not squander the nice weather by sitting all day indoors like a hermit crab. Are you looking for honeymoon activities in Saint John? Tripbirdie is here with some great information about the activities you can enjoy during your honeymoon there.

  • The Saint John Island national park comprises approximately two-thirds of the entire island. You and your companion can tour the location all day. You will have the opportunity to explore gorgeous historical places, magnificent beaches, and a variety of animals, trek, and interact with people.
  • There is always a new delicacy to sample in the Caribbean, where the cuisine and drinks are wonderful. In addition to food, they offer some of the finest local beverages you will ever encounter.
  • Nighttime parties with fellow travelers are typically entertaining in the Caribbean. You are permitted to participate in traditional dances, games, and songs.
  • The water bodies on the island are adequately maintained. Thus it is safe to engage in water sports there. You can embark on a boat cruise, see the countless tranquil waterside vistas, or participate in water sports.
  • Employ a local tour guide to take you and your spouse shopping on St. John Island’s streets. In addition to visiting new locations, you can purchase souvenirs to make your honeymoon in St. John more memorable.
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