Exquisite Accommodations, Exciting Atmosphere


Chidlom is a part of downtown Bangkok, Thailand filled with upscale living, high-rise commercial buildings, top-shelf shopping and, of course, luxury hotels. Luxury surrounded by urban beauty may seem to be overstating the case a bit, but if you spend a bit of time in this fascinating location you will most certainly agree.

You may not find the more traditional tourist spots here, but if you seek designer shopping and restaurants that serve only the best cuisine, this is a travel destination for you. The word ‘beautiful’ may not do justice to the décor of these fine restaurants, but ‘exquisite’ captures the appearance and atmosphere quite well. The fare is certainly on par with the surroundings, so you will enjoy fantastic meals from world-class chefs.

Amazing Accommodations

The Chidlom hotel that is part of the Centre Point organisation offers the nearby metropolitan lifestyle while ensuring that guests have the privacy and time for relaxation they desire. The hotel joins a list of amazing accommodation options in Ploenchit, Chidlom and greater Bangkok, and offers all the amenities an urban traveller will expect.

In the recent past, Thailand has written a fantastic success story with a massive decrease in the percentage of its population below the national poverty line. At one time, economists put that figure at about two-thirds of the population. In just 15 years, the percentage of people living in poverty has plummeted to 13 percent.

This outstanding economic success parallels the development of all Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and the surrounding region. This draws businesses to the area, many of which take the opportunity to hold conferences and business meetings in pleasant surroundings, while still having the economic and social activity close at hand.

First-class accommodations go hand-in-hand with superb amenities for business travellers and exceptional customer service for all guests. A staple of top hotels is the fitness centre, perhaps the most popular location on the property for young, ambitious entrepreneurs and well-to-do travellers alike. This is a perfect place to exercise and burn some energy, just before heading to the outstanding pool area.

Not an Average Pool

Spend a few relaxing minutes in a saltwater swimming pool that opens early and stays open quite late, allowing for the different habits of valued guests. If your travels include children, relax and let them have their fun in the kids’ pool. Flotation devices are available. You may even want to sign up for a class in water aerobics.

If shopping is on your agenda, the luxury brands you seek are nearby: Gucci, Bally, Burberry, and many more. Should you be more inclined to experience the local culture, there are several fascinating shrines that should be on your must-see list. Horse racing and indoor ice skating are also part of the entertainment mix in Chidlom and Bangkok.

Whatever your personal interests, you will be treated royally, and will certainly find that a visit to this exciting and fascinating area was one of the best decisions you have made.

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