Four Things to Consider When Booking Family Suites in Bangkok


There’s nothing quite like taking a vacation with your family, is there? True, traveling long hours in close quarters can occasionally lead to a few, shall we say, “family disagreements,” but it’s nothing a great stay at your destination of choice can’t cure.

After all, traveling with your family is wholly different than going it alone. When you’re traveling on your own, the weight of every last travel necessity and decision falls on you, and yours is strictly a solo experience. When you travel with your family, by contrast, you have family on hand to share the experience and help shoulder the load.

On the flip side, while it’s relatively easy to find a vacant room for one while traveling, finding family rooms and suites can be a bit more challenging. When searching for a Bangkok hotel family suite, therefore, you’ll want to ease the burden with these tips and tricks.

  1. Suites vs. Rooms

First, you’ll want to evaluate the cost of a family suite versus that of simply booking a room or two for family members to share. Suites obviously afford more room, but if you’re a small family that is traveling light, you may not need much space to begin with. Then again, if that’s the case, squeezing into a single-family suite rather than separate rooms may be easier than booking separate ones. These price and size comparisons will be different from place to place.

  1. Metro Connections

    Bangkok is known for its high population density, making it especially difficult to get places by driving. The fastest and most efficient way to get around, therefore, is the metro system. It is thus extremely important when hunting for a hotel suite in Bangkok to find one which is located near a metro station. Indeed, not only are the best hotels across Bangkok typically located close to metro stations, but they will commonly include directions for visitors to the locations of the nearest stations and connections.

  2. Bright Interiors

When you head out on vacation with your family, you certainly don’t want to stay in a place which is dour, drab, dark, dank, or any other negative terms, even some which don’t begin with “D.” On the contrary, the best hotels offering family suites in Bangkok boast bright, warm, welcoming interiors. The bright color scheme and warm atmosphere can make already-spacious suites feel all the more so.

  1. Amply Stocked Spaces

One of the biggest obstacles when traveling as a family is making sure that there are enough supplies to go around. You hardly want to find yourselves short on vital supplies such as soap or bedsheets. That’s why the best suites for families in the Bangkok area are amply stocked for families of all different sizes. From soap and sheets to food and tea, no matter your family’s needs, the hotel staff will be glad to assist you and ensure that your suite is well-stocked at all times.

These tips and tricks can help you book a great family suite in Bangkok.

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