Los Cabos- A Tourist Attraction


Two cities Cabo Sab Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are surrounded by Los Cabos which are joined together by a resort corridor. Los Cabos is an adventurous place. Its weather is amazing. If you’re planning to visit Los Cabos for a vacation then the best months are May to June. In these months the weather of Los Cabos is neither too cold nor so hot. Los Cabos is enriched with beaches. Some of them are swimmable too, but many of them are not opened for swimmers. They are closed because of the strong waves and the undercurrents created by steep ocean floor drop-offs which makes it life threatening for the swimmers.

Activities in Los Cabos

Day-time activities

Besides swimming there are a number of activities in Los Cabos for the visitors. These activities include some day-time activities such as fishing, scuba diving, spin drifting, horse riding.

Night-life fun

This place not only provides its visitors’ with day-time activities but they have night clubs for their visitors too. Los Cabos’s fun and activities does not end with the setting of the sun rather it begins at night with more zeal and energy. Its nightlife fun is ceaseless. At night Los Cabos becomes livelier. It has bars, nightclubs, live rock music venues. San Jas del Cabo a little town of Los Cabos offers the visitors with sport bars and beer houses at night.

Outdoor Adventures

For the people who love adventures, Los Cabos has some really amazing outdoor adventures. Los Cabos offers rock climbing, hiking, ATV rides and zip lines. It also offers camel ride tours, bungee jumping, camping and glamping. So the hike lovers who are planning to visit Los Cabos on a vacation will not have any regrets, they are surely planning to visit the right place for their hike craze.

Activities for Kids 

There are fun activities for kids at Los Cabos including snorkeling, riding on camel’s back, and the most enjoyed one Swim with dolphins in Los Cabos. Los Cabos is the best place if you’re planning a vacation for your kids. These fun activities keep the kids busy and allows them to create some very enjoyable memories.

Boat Trips

Los Cabos has the Sea of Cortez that is also known as the “Aquarium of the world” offers the tourists to participate in adventurous activities such as boat trips. This boat trip takes the visitors to “El Arco”.

Swimming with dolphins

Many people wish to swim with the dolphins. Los Cabos brings their dreams to life as it allows the visitors to swim with the dolphins. The dolphin pushes the swimmers into the water and even sometimes gives them a kiss. The visitors can live their memorable day at Los Cabos with the lovely dolphins. No one would like to miss this amazing chance that is offered by Los Cabos. Besides swimming with the dolphins, it allows a lot more activities with the dolphins. These activities include kiss from the dolphin, hug from the dolphin, hand target, handshake and foot push.

Sunset cruise

Starting your evening with sunset sailing feels like a dream. Los Cabos offers sunset sailing to its visitors. Sailing luxury sailboat with the perfect view of the sunset along with beer, soft drinks, and some appetizers is all one asks for in a perfect vacation.

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