Why Relocating to Another Country is More Appealing Than Ever


Relocation has always been an alluring endeavour. The idea of leaving your job, packing a bag, and moving your life entirely elsewhere is a romantic dream that occupies many minds, whether motivated by a more fulfilling lifestyle or the appeal of a better climate. With the UK’s famously overcast weather, it is no wonder that many imagined scenarios are those of golden sands and blue skies.

But, alongside the mainstream popularity of shows like Escape to the Chateau, inspired follow-ups like Escape to Sicily, and swathes of online influences who showcase their life as they embrace the relocation adventure, it seems that realising the goal of relocation is more appealing than ever. There are a number of reasons why this is the case and, drawing from discussions with travel experts and alternative living gurus, we’ve put together a concise list of reasons why relocating to another country is more appealing than ever.

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Following the pandemic and the resulting Stamp Duty holiday, property prices and living costs within the UK have risen substantially. The competitive housing market has edged out many buyers from their ideal property, especially first-time buyers, prompting potential homeowners to look elsewhere.

While there have always been a substantial number of more affordable homes abroad, especially those situated in more beautiful locations and with appealing climates, the developing popularity of remote working has enabled a greater number of people to truly consider an alternative lifestyle, one that prompts them to relocate abroad.


With a growing number of individuals and groups already moving abroad, the number of opportunities is increasing too. More businesses and volunteer opportunities are being offered, as well as an ever-expanding number of online resources for those seeking to become expatriates. Years ago moving abroad was far more difficult, with fewer supporting visas and bureaucratic translations. Now, however, the opposite is true and many countries are actively encouraging newcomers to find a home in their country.

Additionally, travel and lifestyle influencers who embrace alternative lifestyles, such as digital nomadism and van living, are slowly influencing and teaching others to do the same. So, if you have ever been tempted to pack your laptop and live life on the road, now is the time to do so.


The resulting isolation and lockdown effects of the pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives, as well as our mental health. It seems that, as a result, there is not only a more vivid motivation for people to embrace lifestyles that make them happy but also a sense that, since circumstances can change instantly, it is foolish to not make the most of our lives.

This motivation also applies to personal and professional growth. Opportunities to live abroad also work to support language learning, the development of new skills, and a general acquisition of wisdom. As many struggle to find the same sense of fulfilment at home, relocation is an appealing alternative.




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