What’s The Best Galapagos Tour Option For You


Everyone who’s heard about the Galapagos Islands knows about the unique animal species that live here. These islands are perfect for a unique vacation experience, as a fun way to learn more about biology in a hands-on way or to enjoy a trip off the beaten path. How do you find out which of the unique tours in Galapagos is right for you, especially with so many options?

Tour Types

One of the most exciting things about visiting the Galapagos Islands is that there are tour options to suit your interests and the needs of whoever you’re traveling with, including kids. Cruises that range from three to seven days are an ideal way to experience these islands, and many cruises embark over specific holidays to make the experience more fun. With both small and large ship options to choose, you can have as few or as many activities on-board as you like.

A land program that originates out of the safari camp on Santa Cruz is also exciting for many people. Staying in an eco-friendly tent camp is a great way to enjoy the islands while minimizing your impact. Features of a land tour originating with the base camp include access to a pool, lodge, and meals.

Fun Activities to Enjoy

Tour guides on Galapagos trips are experienced naturalists who understand the geography of the island and their species. The water is perfect for snorkeling, and you’re likely to have sea turtles and sea lions accompanying you on your journey. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera or smartphone, so you don’t miss out on a great photo or video experience.

As part of the Pacific region’s “Ring of Fire,” the Galapagos have active volcanoes that help influence the local landscape. You’ll enjoy hiking across the fascinating landscape the volcanic activity has helped create. The beaches are also in pristine condition, and you’ll have plenty of fun encounters with wildlife on them.

The Charles Darwin Research Station is open to tours, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’ll gain an even further appreciation for the efforts to conserve this area after seeing the research station. If you’re a stargazer, you’ll find that the night sky out here offers perfect viewing opportunities, removed from the glare of city lights.

What Types of Animals Live Here?

The animals of the Galapagos Islands are world-famous because of their unique adaptations. Having evolved in a fairly isolated environment, many of the animals boast traits unheard of similar species elsewhere in the world. These animals and their environment made it possible for Darwin to develop his evolutionary theories.

Giant tortoises call the beach areas home, and visitors enjoy being able to get close to them for photo opportunities. Iguanas and other types of lizards are also abundant. Sea lions and seals also form large groups here.

Unique bird species are also present on these islands, with a majority living on the islands all year. Blue-footed boobies are just one example of a bird species completely unique to these islands. Penguin species that call these islands home are also a fun part of the experience, and the sight of so many of them diving into the water to feed is one that you won’t want to miss.

Making Your Trip Memorable

There are many reasons people choose the Galapagos for a trip, ranging from a unique way to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s to a fun-filled vacation over a school break. One of the best things about visiting these islands is that you can do this for your whole trip or make a trip to the island part of a visit that includes other sites in Ecuador and Peru. One of the best things about it is knowing just how many choices you have, regardless of whether you’ll be enjoying a cruise, touring by land, or possibly both.

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