Why Static Caravans Are Great For Young Families


Holiday Park Fun For The Little Ones

Let your little explorers get back to nature and enjoy their very first family caravan holiday.

If you’re wondering where to spend your first holiday as a new family, then how about staying in a static caravan? You may not have considered this as an option before, but this style of holidaying has many benefits for those with babies and toddlers. If you’re new to the world of caravan vacations, then let us guide you through why they’re a great solution for young families.

Forget About Flying

Jetting off to exotic and far-flung destinations may have been a lot of fun when you were a young couple, but it’s not quite the same with baby in tow. Instead of spending seven or eight hours kicking back and watching movies, glass of champers in hand, you’re more likely to be pacing the aisle of the plane trying to get baby to have a sleep or take a bottle. If this doesn’t sound so tempting, then why not stay in the UK for your next family trip? When you’ve booked, or even invested in your own static caravan, all you need to do is pack up the car and drive to your destination of choice.

Enjoy The Facilities of A Holiday Park

Holiday parks which are home to static caravans offer the perfect balance of entertainment and space. When you want to kick back and do your own thing, there’s plenty of activities for you to enjoy as a family unit. But equally, if you want to take advantage of the breadth of facilities on offer, including swimming pools, play areas and family-friendly eateries, then these are all available on your doorstop too. There’s also something extremely comforting about knowing that you’re in the company of likeminded people with their own families, who won’t bat an eyelid if your little one is throwing an epic tantrum.

Saving Money

Finances can be tight when you’re raising little ones, possibly due to changes to your employment status or the need to pay for childcare costs. Even if you wanted to fly abroad for a holiday, it might not be within your budget at the moment, which is where static caravan holidays offer a fantastic alternative. The only travel costs for your caravan holiday will be the journey to and from the caravan park and any day trips you choose to take. There are also plenty of opportunities for self-catering when you stay in a static caravan. Daily family picnics will also really help to keep your finances in check.

Exploring Nature

Holiday parks are based in stunning rural locations throughout the UK, often on the coast or within rolling countryside. Your static caravan will provide the perfect base from which to get back to nature. Whether you’re going on family walks, dipping your toes in the sea or splashing in muddy puddles, your little ones will feel a tremendous connection with the great outdoors. This is an important part of their development and they will simply love being little explorers.

If you haven’t yet booked your static caravan holiday, now is the time to look at dates for later in 2020.

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