7 Milestones For A Trip Through Vietnam


Vietnam is an ideal country to go backpacking. Move like a real local on a motorbike, do bargains at the floating market in the Mekong Delta and put yourself in a new look in Hoi An. Also, enjoy Vietnamese cuisine, though you’ll occasionally come to stand for culinary surprises (our whole horsemeat brouhaha has nothing against). Get inspiration for a solo trip to Vietnam with these tips.

Tips For Your Trip Through Vietnam: This Really Should Not Be Missed!

1. Highly Recommended Are The Easy Riders Of Dalat.

 Explore the interior of Vietnam (Dalat via Buon Ma Thuot to Saigon) in an original way behind on the engine during an adventurous journey of 3-4 days.

 Your driver can simultaneously guide around, talks about the war and shows you all hidden places, so you can quickly make contact with the Vietnamese people. We drove through unsightly small villages, past thousands of coffee plantations, noodle, rice paper- and chopstick factories, hidden creeks, and waterfalls.

We ate delicious local dishes (though you really should get used to the spicy noodle) can’t live without a cup of coffee made with the best coffee bean of Buon Ma Thuot and slept in a longhouse above the chickens and the pigs. An unforgettable experience!

Alternative for two Dalat rent a pink mini-tandem and create a romantic trip around the lake.

2. Stop Off At The Mandarin Cafe In Hue

Explore on your journey through Vietnam indeed the old imperial city of Hue and the temples and tombs around the back of the moped. Stop off at the Mandarin Cafe and Cafe Vienna in Hue; you can not only be delicious food but also to admire the beautiful photographs of Vietnam Mr. CU will still own.

3. Explore Hoi An

Hoi An is not only a pleasant town on the waterfront where you can eat deliciously but especially the place to make handmade clothing.

The city is famous for its tailors who make in no time and little money each garment that you can imagine to size. You’ve been warned: even men succumb en masse here! Rent a bike and enjoy the coast after your fashion gains on a stretch of beach to yourself.

4. Cruising By Boat Through Halong Bay

famous for its unique landscape of limestone rocks. You can visit the caves, kayaking, and swim between the rocks. Or just enjoy a beautiful sunset with the wind in their hair. Extra tip: Bai Tu Long is said to be more beautiful and less touristy.

Combine a night on the boat with a night on an island. From Ninh Binh, a little further south than Hanoi, you can race by scooter through the flat landscape to Tam Coc, known as “Halong Bay on land.” Again, they have great pride karst formations where you can sail with rowing boats. Something not to miss during your trip through Vietnam!

5. The Mountains Of Sapa In Northern Vietnam

Ideal to get in touch with the Vietnamese minority is a trek in the Central Highlands near Kon Tum or the mountains of Sapa in northern Vietnam. Sapa is famous for its rich culture of ethnic minorities and offers beautiful walks between rice fields and small villages.

6. Learn About When The Wars In Vietnam In Ho Chi Minh.

The War Museum and the Cu Chi tunnels will certainly remember and give an idea of the horrors of the past.

7. Do A Final Stop At The Floating Market In The Mekong Delta.

Take a Mekong river cruise. You immediately see which family what sells in their boat: hanging out at one hangs an onion on a stick, the other a tomato or a potato and another has a pumpkin on the deck. Also spotted: a caterer boat and a supermarket vessel. We slept in a nice floating hotel on the Mekong and were awakened with a beautiful sunrise.

Travel Vietnam – Tips for Beginners

If you thought that Bangkok was a busy city, you have not seen the Vietnamese capital Hanoi!. Adrenaline guaranteed in traffic with motorcycles, mopeds and motorbikes again! Be warned, they are everywhere.

Cross the street in this busy traffic chaos is quite a task. You should do this in one smooth motion. Do not stand still and go slowly, even though there are hundreds of motorbikes on. Mopeds and cyclists slalom or in front or behind you over. The ignoring system by moving back or accelerate is asked to be hit. Beware, however well in cars and buses, they always have priority and take those too. You want fixed rather not accidentally travel.

To travel from city to city Fortunately, there is a safer alternative: the train. The rail network in Vietnam is very extensive. Use instead of the overnight train once the day train and watch your eyes, there is always something to do. Travel through Vietnam by train gives you the chance to see the country from a different side, and to make contact with the locals.

Are you tenderly to sitting watching a puppy, keep in mind that the Vietnamese probably think you’re hungry. Better yet no dog on the menu? Treat yourself to the typical Vietnamese Hotpot, a mix between soup and fondue that you prepare yourself at the table. Very delicious!

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