Top tips for visiting Poland from an experienced Polish DMC

Have you ever been to Poland? If no, would you like to catch up on it? Poland is an extraordinary country with beautiful regions and gorgeous landscapes, charming cities and towns, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fascinating history and historical trails, lots of attractions and gems to be discovered as well as interesting people. To cut the long story short Poland is definitely worth seeing. If you would like to embark on a trip there, but actually you do not know where to start in planning it, we, as an experienced Polish DMC Agency, can give you some useful tips on what you should take into consideration when planning a visit in Poland. Whether you plan to go sightseeing, spend some time actively or commune with nature, here is a list of things that you have to bear in mind.

How to get there?

There are many ways to arrive to Poland, and it will not be surprising if we say the fastest one is travelling by plane. Poland puts at disposal a well-prepared network of airports, served by numerous airlines, which are placed in bigger cities, including e.g. Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk, Poznań, Katowice or Bydgoszcz. Therefore, you can easily travel to virtually every region of Poland or even take advantage of domestic flights and fly between Polish cities.

For those who look for cheaper alternatives, travelling by train would be a good solution. There is an array of convenient connections, both domestic and international ones. Travellers can opt for the 1st or 2nd class and pick from different types of trains: regional (running between cities and towns and having more stops), fast and express (running between larger cities). Apart from trains, there are also some convenient bus connections, however, travelling by bus takes up more time than by train. Bus stations are located in all Polish cities and towns, and offer bus trips around the country.

If ou want to be more independent and travel on your own, you can also drive a car. This way you will have a chance to visit any place you want to. In Poland, there are a few motorways and more and more expressways which are frequently paid, but allow you to move from one point to another in a relatively short time. A good option is also car rental services available 24/7 in many bigger Polish cities. More adventurous travellers can try hitchhiking.

How’s the weather here?

You can plan almost everything except for the weather. It is probably the only thing you cannot foresee, because even despite our best endeavours, it does not depend on human. Therefore, while packing your luggage you should be well-prepared. Although the weather in Poland is changeable, it is worth to watch a weather forecast to have some general idea on what to take with you. In general, the weather in Poland can be characterized by quite mild summers (max. temperatures should not exceed 35 deg. C) and moderately severe winters. Temperature depends on season and region, because the further from the Baltic Sea you are, the warmer it is.

During summer, you can wear light summer clothes, but a jumper or light jacket may come in handy as well. If you are heading to the Polish seaside, you should take with you some clothes for both sunny and rainy days. Additionally, it is good to have a sweater, a hoodie or a jacket because the wind can make even the warmest day cool. Going to the mountains, you need to remember about comfortable shoes, rucksack and something warm to rag out especially if you plan to climb. A waterproof jacket or umbrella can be helpful throughout a year, no matter where you are heading. During winter, you should prepare medium or heavyweights with a cap, scarf and gloves.

Best time to go?

While planning your trip to Poland, you should take into consideration also a season of the year. It is vital especially if you would like to avoid crowds of tourists or adverse weather conditions. The best time to visit Poland is probably April-June and September-October. Why is it so? These months are slightly before and after a high tourist season, so then the number of tourist is by far lower and the weather is still good for travelling. However, if you pick Polish mountains for your travel destination, bear in mind that the high season in mountain resorts takes place in December-February. This is because a lot of people spend their winter holidays there, doing sports like skiing or snowboarding.

Is it expensive?

It must be mentioned that Poland is a quite affordable tourist destination, but costs depend on how you plan to travel, where you want to stay and what you want to see. As to accommodation, apart from luxurious four- and five-star hotels, there are numerous aparthotels, hostels or rooms which offer comfortable accommodation at a lower price and often in the hotel standard. Much cheaper solution are also campsites, but in this case you should take the weather into consideration. Most of the facilities have in their offer half-board of full-board, however, even if they do not, you can easily find a cosy and affordable restaurant on your own. Should you want to taste some traditional Polish cuisine, a good and cheap choice will be ‘milk bars’. When it comes to attractions, a lot of must-see places have free admission or cheaper tickets when booked in advance. Should you arrive to Poland for a few days, it is worth trying out the Tourist Card which ensures its users to benefit from special prices not only on attractions and tickets, but also on accommodation or even some local products.

A very useful tip from a Polish DMC.

Last but not least, planning your visit in Poland, you should know Sunday is a day off for most Poles and Sunday opening is very restricted. There are only singular small shops which are opened, but remember that: firstly, they are merely small, local groceries or bakeries, and secondly, it can be really hard to find them. So if you want to do some shopping, do not wait until Sunday, otherwise you may be disappointed. However, this opening restriction does not concern restaurants and cafés, so you should not be hungry.

The abovementioned tips seem to be the most important when planning visit Poland. If you still do have some doubts on how to plan your trip to Poland, spend quality time there or you search for an inspiration, you can always entrust your travel with one of the most experienced Polish DMC – ITS Poland ( Visit this website and try out one of best Poland tours.

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