Beach Vacation: The Best Clothes To Take Away


Going for a beach vacation? After the long winter, you will likely be looking forward to an exciting summer season. Participating in beach activities is one of the most popular ways of enjoying summer. But we tend to forget some essential items necessary for the beach vacation.

We have prepared this guide to help you carry everything you may need for the perfect beach getaway. Significantly, it will help you save a considerable chunk of money, especially on wardrobe items like girls dresses. Use this guide to ensure you have all you require for a week-long beach trip.

Beach Clothing

Keep one cardinal rule when going for a beach vacation – avoid overpacking. Don’t forget to include your sneakers and gear in the packing bag if you plan to work out there.

Moreover, ensure you do your homework on the destination’s weather. Pack some extra layers to keep warm during the night if the weather dips. You can’t miss the beach bonfire, can you? Here are some items you should carry:

1. Girls dresses

A beach clothing essential like a maxi dress can come in handy because it prevents you from insect bites at night and sunburns from the scorching sun. Dress this maxi dress in wedge heels and jewellery, or tie it down with a rope belt. Ensure you choose a breathable and moisture-absorbent material – it is the perfect summertime beachwear.

2. Bandeau and high-waisted jeans

This is the summer’s effortlessly cool look – a bikini-styled bandeau with loose-fitting, high-waisted pair of trousers. The impressive part about this style is that you can look numerous ways with different fabrics, colours, and accessories. When wearing this outfit, choose a classic appearance with subtle hints of jewellery, such as a dainty choker necklace or mid-sized hoop earrings.

3. Silk bandana and bikini

Another excellent styling piece for the summer is a silk bandana. A bandana is a highly versatile piece of clothing – you can wear it as a hair tie to a top or skirt or as a neck scarf. What’s more, a silk bandana can be modified into various pieces. When looking for this outfit, opt for a bright, fun style and prints and a black swimsuit.

4. High-waisted denim shorts and summer whites

Denim shorts have withstood the test of time as the go-to classy beach look. Pack some trendy denim shorts and pair them with fresh summer whites. Nothing feels fresher than wearing white linens on a hot, breezy day. Keep the shorts a bit oversized and the button-down for a loose vibe. Complete this beach outfit with dark, contrasting accessories like chunky black sunglasses.


These are some great outfit ideas for your upcoming beach vacation. But the list is endless, and you can add several other outfits for a great summertime. If you’re short of ideas, use this guide – it’ll get your creative juices flowing.

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