Top 2 European Travel Destinations for Large Families


There is no denying how popular Eupore is as a tourist destination, with over 538 million tourists touching down on the continent each year. One of the main reasons that Europe is such an attractive holiday destination is because it has an array of destinations for large families. No matter if you’re looking for sun and sand or an educational city break, Europe has a holiday for every member of the family to love. In this latest blog post, we look into 2 of the best travel destinations for large families this year.

Top 2 European travel destinations for large families

Once you have decided on Europe as a travel destination, looked into a new holiday wardrobe and enquired about insurance for travel to Europe, then you’ll need to decide on a firm location. With so many incredible countries and cities to choose from you certainly won’t be stuck for choice on your next family holiday. If you have a particularly large family, it is important to travel somewhere that can accommodate everyone’s needs, with activities that suit a range of ages and interests. Find below 2 of our top recommended travel destinations for bigger family groups:


Portugal has been a popular European holiday destination amongst large families for decades. With Mediterranean climates and beaches, it provides an escape to paradise that suits family members of all ages. The Algarve in particular serves as a must-visit destination for big group holidays. Not only is it sunny basically all year round, but it also works as a great landscape to explore and adventure through for those who get bored of typical beach holidays. There are plenty of excursions to get the whole family excited like boat trips, nature spotting and resort club events.


Greece is a European country full of rich history and culture that thousands of large families flock to every year on holiday. You could opt to take your family to the ancient city of Athens to explore the ruins and make sightseeing memories that will last forever. This city also has a number of cruises and boat trips to take part in if you would rather soak up the sun’s rays in the European paradise. Take a trip to Corfu for some much-needed beach time with the whole family and take regular dips in the crystal clear waters. No matter how big your family is, there will be something for everyone when visiting Greece this summer.

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