Fun Tourism Activities In Indonesia


Indonesia is indeed famous as a country that is fun to visit for sightseeing. Apart from being a large area, many places offer unique tourist spots that don’t exist in other countries. That’s why there are so many activities to do in Indonesia that you should try.

Activities When Traveling in Indonesia

1. Explore the Island of Bali

The island of Bali is the most famous tourist spot in Indonesia around the world. This island is excellent for cultural tourism that offers an exotic impression. Not only that, but Bali also has majestic mountains to climb and tropical beaches to sunbathe.

You can do many things while visiting the island of Bali. You can do this at almost every beach for those who like to surf. You can also taste various culinary delights with the famous Indonesian sauce recipe, which is delicious and can’t be found in other countries.

2. Flora and fauna tourism

Indonesia has many places that provide antique flora and fauna, which you can enjoy with family or friends. Some examples are nature reserves, botanical gardens, and zoos.

In addition to traveling, you also get to know the various natural beauties. Indonesia has managed its flora and fauna tourism well. So, you don’t have to worry about the nuances. Tourism is also open to local and foreign residents.

3. Beach tour

Indonesia has a lot of beaches. Almost every province has beautiful beaches. You can do many things by visiting the beach, both those that are already very popular and those that many people have not touched.

The famous beach will support various exciting activities so that you can do many things. Besides surfing, you can also do other activities such as snorkeling or marine tourism on the beach.

4. Agro tourism

Indonesia is also famous for its agro or agriculture. You can visit places that are highlands in Indonesia. Agro-tourism can be in horticulture or agricultural plantations such as tea or rice fields.

The concept of this tour is also not just looking around the farming area. You can jump in to do agricultural activities such as farming. It’s considered exciting because not everyone can carry out agricultural activities in their daily lives.

5. History tour

Indonesia has a very long history. The many immigrants from various parts of the world in the past left different unique places. Historical tourism can be done in almost every region in Indonesia by visiting museums.

In addition, you can also visit places that do have cultural heritage, such as Bali. You can do many exciting things in this place, such as dancing and playing historical musical instruments.

You can do many things while visiting Indonesia. Choose a tour that suits your interests while staying. Almost every tour here offers a low price and is also friendly to tourists.

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