Places To Visit In Romania – Your Best Holiday Destinations


There’s so much to explore more than vampires in Romania. Think of the time-capsule villages, quaint medieval towns, tasty cuisines, virgin forests, painted monasteries, blossoming art community, and majestic mountains. That is the reason why you can guarantee that visiting Romania will be your best holiday experience.

When it comes to places to visit in Romania, you can choose from any of these below:

It’s the said city where it all started. Back in year 1918, the union of Romania with Transylvania was declared in this place and known as the birthplace of Romania. The city has also deep significance for local people. But, Alba Iulia is well off the beaten path for majority of the tourists coming from abroad. Hasburg Citadel is one of the most stirring sights here. Located up on the hill, it offers a beautiful panoramic view over the gently rolling countryside.

  • Brasov

One of the most popular Romania tourist attractions is Brasov. It is beautiful and has a great location, fringed by the peaks of Carpathian Mountains with tons of hiking trails through the forests surrounding it. The heart of the city is basically the old Town Hall Square, yet it’s far from being the bustling place. Life here has a slow pace and people are relaxed as well as the terraces serve good beer, food, and beer cocktails. You will also find the Black Church in Brasov and this is known as the biggest Gothic church around Romania.

  • Bran Castle

World renowned as the lair of the vampires, it’s most popular attraction in Romania. It’s the best place to go for those who love about vampires. Although you won’t find vampires here, you’ll get a glimpse of the best views over the incredible countryside and pretty medieval castle with strong character.

  • Sibiu

It was considered as the European Capital of Culture last 2007. Back in fourteenth century, it used to be a crucial trade center and different guilds, which coexisted, gave their name to old medieval towers that surround the city.

Once you visit Sibiu, you will be amazed to know that the houses have eyes. A stroll along the Upper Town’s cobbled streets might give you the feel that you’re being watched. But, there’s nothing to be afraid of this place as you can enjoy an ice cream and enjoy watching the fountain found in Large Square.

You will also have a chance to see Brukenthal Art Museum. The section for Romanian art will shed light on the best artistic talents this place gave the planed. One of the best masterpiece you will find is the Bridge of Lies and its’ the Sibiu’s quirkiest attraction.

There are other exciting places to visit in Romania. If you like history and interesting legends, Romania will give you everything you need to see and learn. So, prepare yourself to indulge the amazing place of Romania and explore more Romania tourists attractions.

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