Why Is Bali The Main Destination For Family Tourism? Here Are 5 Reasons!


Indonesia has various regions with exciting tourist destinations, but Bali is becoming very popular. Especially after the easing of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) and the Indonesia Vaccination Rate, which is already at more than 70 percent.

Many reasons make the Island of the Gods a vacation spot, especially with family. So, for those who are also interested in visiting there, you need to know why Bali is the right place for a holiday with your beloved family.

5 Reasons Bali Becomes a Family Travel Destination

Not only because the beaches have beautiful views, but apparently, some other reasons make many families come to Bali. Even world artists like Angelina Jolie and her family have set foot there.

Suitable For Culinary Tours

Bali is often referred to as a culinary paradise, many unique dishes must be tasted if you are there. For example, jinggo rice, buleleng rujak, satay lilit, and the most famous one is betutu chicken.

Most of them are suitable to be enjoyed with family, and the restaurant choices are also very varied. Some are even equipped with children’s play area, and the surrounding scenery is stunning so that you and your family will feel at home while you are there.

Local Culture Education

As Indonesia’s area with the most significant Hindu population, the local community often holds various local cultures and religious events. The ogoh-ogoh parade ahead of Nyepi Day, the ngaben ceremony for someone who passed away, mekotek, and many more.

Therefore, you can provide positive education for your children about these traditions, as well as teach tolerance and respect for everyone’s beliefs. If you are lucky, you can also see the various rituals and religious ceremonies up close.

Friendly People

No one refuses to say that Balinese people are friendly, many have already proven their friendliness and tolerance. Such as helping tourists who got lost, communicating with polite conversation, and helping people who are having trouble.

 Therefore, domestic tourists and foreign tourists feel at home in Bali. Even when the Pandemic was still at its peak, many questions arose, such as when I can travel to Bali from Australia, which hinted at the longing of foreign tourists to return to travel to the Island of the Gods.

Wide Choice of Places to Stay

In Bali, various types of lodging can be adjusted to the budget of tourists. Star hotels are available, and there are also lots of kids-friendly villas and resorts. You can choose where you want to stay.

 If you want easy access to various tourist sites, choose a lodge near the center of the tourist area. Choosing a villa can be the best solution if you want peace and quality time with your family.

Various Interesting Tourist Attractions

The choice of tourist attractions that can be visited is also varied, starting from the beach with its own charm. If you have arranged a vacation schedule with your family, there is nothing wrong with choosing Bali as your main destination, right? It turns out that there are many good reasons to visit there, especially with family.

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