Necessary Arrangements For The Trip


Exotic traveling is not an easy hobby, before enjoying on a beautiful place you have to work on few things and you should do some basic preparations.


You have to get the visa for that country which you have planned to visit. On European passport you don’t need visa for many countries but to visit countries like china and Vietnam visa is obligatory.


The threat involved in visiting exotic places is the diseases, especially if you have planned to visit Asia or Africa. I usually consult my doctor weeks before my departure, as inoculation of few diseases needs two doses, often after six weeks. So, don’t forget to seek the advice of your doctor as soon as you plan your tour.

Flight Booking

Try to book all your flights before leaving home, this will help you in coming back in time; otherwise you might not get the seat. You can choose the airline according to your budget and route. Booking flights on the internet saves your time and visits of traveling agencies.

Room reservation

Book your room for first two nights before hand, it will save you from anxiety of being in a new place and you will be able to go straight to your hotel without any trouble. After knowing the place in one or two days, you can shift to some other place of your choice.

Cash and Cards

Cash is important for living; traveling and shopping, ATM cards work almost in all local banks world wide. They charge lowTraveltransaction fee as compared to credit cards so, I always prefer them. Moreover, you can use them any time to get local currency.

Cell Phone

To keep in touch with your home, cell phone is a must. I often buy local GSM SIM card, which is much cheaper than other ways of communication.

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