The Top Five Things to Keep in Mind About Capsule Hotels


One of the great truisms about the world of real estate all across Southeast Asia is the fact that space is extremely precious and expensive. With the cost of even a basic one-story home being exorbitant in areas, many people look to apartments and inexpensive rental housing as a solution. Likewise, when it comes to hotel stays, while there are many great hotel options in the Bangkok area, ranging from the extraordinarily lavish to the more bare bones and basic, maybe none of them quite fit your tight budget. Maybe all you’re really looking for is a safe and secure place to lay your head for the evening.

If so, capsule hotels may be the way to go.

This guide can help get you introduced to the concept of capsule hotels and inform you as to what you’ll want to look for in a worthwhile capsule hotel in Bangkok.

  1. A Look Into Capsule Rooms

As stated, capsule rooms arose out of a need to provide hotel rooms to massive of people in an area where population density is especially high. Pioneered by Japan, these types of hotels feature pull out chambers acting as “rooms” for their clients. Each “room” is big enough for the client to slip inside, drift off to sleep, and sit up in bed. With no room wasted, they make for some of the most efficient – and certainly compact – living quarters in the world.

  1. A Word on Safety

That said, the best modern capsule rooms have come a long way since their early days. While you might still find some places with the old “pull-out drawer” design, there has nevertheless been an enormous push for more comfortable and safe capsule rooms. You don’t want to book a capsule room that is so small and cramped that you feel as though you won’t have enough room to move about with at least moderate freedom, or even have enough light or air. People who are claustrophobic should absolutely avoid capsule rooms.

  1. Modern Bespoke Bangkok Capsule Rooms

That said, the best modern bespoke capsule rooms in Bangkok can actually be quite comfortable for their size. While they still squeeze a bed, bathroom, and sometimes a small kitchenette into a very tiny area, which is itself placed within a capsule layout, they nevertheless are a lot roomier and safer than layouts from decades past. If you are looking for an ultra-inexpensive way of staying in Bangkok, this may be it.

  1. Booking Your Stay

Capsule rooms can be in high demand, given their affordability. As such, you’ll want to be sure to call ahead to the best-reviewed capsule hotels in Bangkok to book your stay.

  1. A Sterling Track Record

And make no mistake about it, you will want to stay at the best capsule hotels. Your capsule room experience can vary wildly depending on the quality of the space. To avoid any issues, you want to make sure that you’re staying at a place with a sterling track record hosting guests.

Stay in a capsule room in Bangkok with incredibly inexpensive rates.



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