Why Choose India As Your Next Yoga Teacher Training Destination


If you’re looking to train as a yoga teacher, there’s no better place to learn than India. Very few places in the world offer such a truly unique learning opportunity. Yoga and India are intrinsically linked. Their history goes back centuries, and learning to teach yoga in India is one of the most spiritually and physically rewarding things that you will ever do.

Learn Authentic Yoga

India truly teaches you the true styles of yoga that will do nothing but further your understanding and your appreciation of the roots of this wonderful style of exercise. India is often considered the birthplace of yoga, so if you want to learn somewhere that’s truly authentic then there’s no other place to consider.

Beautiful and Diverse Locations

Goa, Dharamsala and Rishikesh are just a handful of the locations that offer second to none yoga teacher training. There are many reputed Yoga Schools in India all offer certified yoga teacher training courses, and having India as the place where you obtained your qualification will make all potential employers consider you very seriously. They have the added benefit of being absolutely stunning locations – if you want to spend weeks on a residential course then you’ll be surrounded by beautiful countryside and incredible scenery. It’s going to give you a whole new outlook on life, as well as giving you the qualification that you’re after.

More Affordable than many places

The residential yoga teaching courses offered in India often work out much more cost effective than other courses, while providing a higher standard of training. The cost of living in India is much less than many places around the world, and the yoga course costs reflect this.

Focus on Yogic philosophy and living

So many courses outside India simply focus on teaching you the moves to teach to your class, without looking at the philosophy or mindset behind yoga. Yoga was developed as a hugely spiritual practice, and much of this spiritualism has been lost as yoga has developed more as an exercise. Training in India will restore focus back to the Yogic philosophy, and it will take you back to the roots of yoga.

Your Yoga Teacher Training in India will be journey that explores the mind, the body and the philosophy, and it will bring every aspect of yoga closer to you. You’ll be taken on a voyage of self-discovery as well as being taught everything you need to be a successful, happy yoga teacher.

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