Best Places To Stay In North America


North America has a specific reputation all over the world that makes people crave for the opportunity to live the American dream. North America has a rich blend of culture and a booming economy that makes it by far the most developed nation in the world. It is the land of ever present opportunities and it is for this reason that millions of people apply to get residence in the US. After these people get their US green card, they then realize that that was only the beginning of a series of hard decisions that they have to make. One of the most important decisions they make will be on where to stay.

-New York City

The largest city in the US is full of opportunity and purpose. The city is filled with job opportunity due to its large business fraternity. It is a cultured city with museums and libraries to cater for your knowledge appetite. New York City has a reputation to have some of the largest corporations in the world, making it a prime place to look for jobs.

-Los Angeles

If it is good weather you are looking for, then Los Angeles is definitely the place to be. Los Angeles has a warm and sunny climate that many people really enjoy. The warm weather has turned the city into a hotspot for tourist attraction. The tourism has risen the revenue of the city and it is now one of the best employers in North America, with a very low unemployment rate.

– Texas

The rest of the world perceives Texas as a dusty, dry place, where everyone wears cowboy boots and has a weird accent. Contrary to this notion, Texas is one of the richest cities in the US. Boasting a large oil reservoir, it has a healthy investment in place, making it a very developed city. The crime rate is also very low and it would be ideal for bringing up a family in such a safe environment. With the city’s big inflow of investors, it would be the perfect place to start a business. The investors would readily be available to take part in the new business venture. The city is also the home of the company Dell, one of the largest technology companies we have today, making it a great employment opportunity for technology related fields.


The city is the origin for many rappers and musicians we know today. It is no surprise this is so, because of the numerous record labels around the city. People with the passion and talent for the entertainment industry flock the city to get their shot to the big leagues in the industry.

-San Francisco

The city is thought to be one of the safest cities in the US. It boasts a great variety of races and cultures and everyone can feel at home in this city. The number of colleges and universities will ensure that your children get the best opportunity for getting a degree. For this reason it has the highest number of degree holders in the US today. San Francisco is also a very clean city, The people value their city’s cleanliness and put it upon themselves to ensure that the city is clean making it have little pollution hazards.

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