Where To Go For Memorable Prague City Tours


Prague may be a small city, but this Czech capital is full of sights and sounds you will be dying to experience for yourself. Each of said attractions has a rich history that will make you glad to have been part of the adventure. Below are some of the attractions you have to include in your Prague City tours that will be worth your time.

  • The St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the finest examples of Gothic Architecture not to mention it is one of the most important and the largest churches in the country.
  • Kampa Island is found between Charles Bridge and Prague Island and its romantic atmosphere will enchant both lovers and adventure seekers alike. The Banks of the island give you a chance to take in some of Prague’s monuments in full view.
  • The astronomical clock dates back to 1410 and is the 3rdoldest in the world and still in operation. The clock has an amazing display that moves every hour on the hour.
  • Wenceslas Square is a bustling tourist and shopping area located at the heart of New Town, Prague and it has been a site for one of many important events for the city, throughout history.
  • Josefov or the Jewish Quarter has majority of its historical buildings still intact despite its rough history and currently it is one of Europe’s best-conserved Jewish historical complexes.
  • Another fine monument highlighting Czech Architecture is the Prague National Theatre. It is a neo-Renaissance building that you will find magnificently sitting on the Vltava River Banks and if you are a Czech architecture extraordinaire this is one of the Prague sights, you just cannot afford to miss.
  • Another Prague site of interest you have to have on your itinerary is the Prague Castle. Considering it one of the most beautiful ancient castles in the world, and the largest at that, it has housed various Czech heads of state from the 9thcentury to date. This means it is infused with history that you just have to come and see first hand
  • The Old Town Square is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful sights in Europe as its eclectic but charming blend of architectural styles has managed to stretch over several centuries giving generation after generation something to see
  • If you are looking for the perfect romantic spot to take your special one, look no further than the Charles Bridge. Thirty rows of statues in baroque style decorate the bridge beautifully making the 600-year-old bridge one of the most iconic Prague landmarks.
  • The Vltava River passes right through the center of Prague and if you take a tour boat, you will be able to take in wonderful sights on either side of the river as you enjoy a tasty Czech beer.

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