Some Of The Best Honeymoon Spots In South India


After the wedding, the couples must spice up their marriage by going to a place that is romantic and secluded, so that they can spend private moments together. Those who have been married for several years now can also go on a second time honeymoon to rekindle their love and assure their partner of their vows.  Regardless if you want to go to the beach or you want to be on top of the hill or just a place where you can silently spend time together, South India has something in store for you. You can just open your computer and look for Cleartrip flights coupons. They will provide you with a less expensive trip.


If you want to go to the Carribean, but you do not have enough budgets, Kovalam is a better alternative. You can hug each other throughout the day and still feel the relaxation of your honeymoon trip. Enjoying each other’s company will never be a problem here, because the entire place is very romantic.

Alleppey where silence is the language of the heart

In this part of India, you will feel loved and would like to give love to others. The entire place is so romantic and this is just the best place to spend your honeymoon trip. The silence of the backwaters will allow you to talk to each other even in silence.


Everyone just wants to be loved and there is no other way to show your love than to take your love one in a secluded place. You will be able to witness how the love grows deep in a passionate manner as time goes by. You can add it with a tweak of the French method to your honeymoon and it will surely make every moment count.

Coorg: the Scotland of India

Nothing in the world can actually purchase happiness of being with your loved one. You can add colors to it by going on a honeymoon trip. This is one of the best things to do if you cannot find time alone together back home due to your busy work schedule, daily routines and kids too. In this known as the Scotland of India and it never fails to provide the best experience for those who seek for serenity during their trip.


Every couple deserves to relax and step out of their comfort zone to find out what they want in life and so do with couples. You can sail in the silent of the backwaters of Kumarakom and then relax while on a houseboat. You can make your honeymoon the best one in this part of India.


If you want to feel the love or you want to rekindle your romantic side, then a trip to Munnar can help. The tea plantations, the hills and the windy roads will all help in redefining your relationship.  This is important for couples who are very busy taking care of their families.  Cleartrip discount coupons help you to travel with ease and save your money. Expedia offers discounts in hotel booking, flight booking and many other things.

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