Top 5 Off The Beat Attractions In Paris


Everyone who goes to Paris wants to visit the Louvre Museum or to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. Those are the most popular attractions in Paris, but there are others who are not so famous but you should visit them because they are interesting. We’ve made a top with 5 off the beat attractions in Paris:

  1. Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

If you are a fan of “Interview with a vampire” or you like obscure things, then you must visit this museum.  Jacques Sirgent is the owner of the museum and he dedicated his time to study occidental folklore, esoterism and vampirism. He is willing to share his knowledge with you and you can spent hours in this little museum. Here you will find antique books, Dracula toys, vampire killing kit, paintings, movie posters and other uncanny objects. You can visit the museum only if you make an appointment.

  1. The Museum of Carnival Arts

You can visit this impressive private museum only if you make an appointment or when it‘s Festival du Merveilleux and European Heritage Days. The museum was opened by Jean Paul Favand (antique dealer and actor) and it has 5 thematic rooms:

  • Magic Room (here you can see what a ballroom looked like in 1920.)
  • The greenery Theater ( a beautiful garden )
  • The Venetian Rooms
  • The theater of Marvels
  • Museum of fairground arts( here you can see how carnival from 19thcentury looked like)
  1. Grevin museum

This is a wax museum and it was opened by Arthur Meyer in 1882. Here, you can find wax figures of famous international and French politicians, musicians and actors. Also, there is a section dedicated to the history of France where you can see scenes from the French Revolution or another bloody ones like murders and tortures. There is representation of the Jean-Paul Marat murder (committed by Charlotte Corday) and it includes the original bathtub and knife.

  1. The Museum of Magic

This is another amazing private museum from Paris and it’s dedicated to the art of magic. The museum exposes a collection of objects connected to the magic performances, amazing optical illusions, old posters for magic shows etc.  From time to time, magic performances are held here.

  1. The Edith Piaf Museum

This museum was opened by Bernard Marchois who wrote 2 biographies about the greatest French singer. The museum pays tribute to Edith Piaf and here you can see the objects that belonged to her: photos, books, black dresses, furniture, letters and many other things.

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