Your Next Dream Destination: An Elephant Sanctuary


So you have a passion for travel and animals, huh? It’s your dream to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary, you say? Well, if this is the case, then a little guidance on how to go about selecting a sanctuary that’s not only right for you but also ethical can go a long way. Take these well-researched points of advice into account before packing your bags.

It’s All in the Ethics

If your next destination is an elephant sanctuary to care for these massive and beautiful creatures, then the ethics of the sanctuary should be one of your biggest concerns. Unfortunately, just because “sanctuary” is written on the sign out front doesn’t mean that ethics are given top priority. To narrow your search a bit, Chiang Mai is specifically known as a safe haven for elephants and upstanding elephant sanctuaries. Do yourself a favor and target your destination to an ethical elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. Here, the best and only the best elephant sanctuaries make the care and love of the animals themselves a top goal. From the gentle way the elephants are interacted with to the caring way they’re fed to the peaceful and spacious way their environment is set up, the best sanctuaries will have the highest standards.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Staff

It’s a no-brainer that something as complex and delicate as a wildlife sanctuary for elephants can be a potentially challenging place to run. Do not worry, though; as a volunteer, you should select the sanctuary that can boast about its highly trained and skilled staff. From field biologists to scientists, the best elephant sanctuary will have a full list of highly qualified staff members prepared to work with you.

The Importance of Volunteer Support

When it comes to seeking an outstanding animal reserve or sanctuary, remember that you’re a volunteer giving your time to these animals and this sanctuary. Therefore, it’s important that the sanctuary provide proper training on everything from how to properly interact with the elephants to how to feed and water them safety. Volunteering doesn’t end there, though! The best of sanctuaries will also inform you about your sleeping arrangements, potential meal plans, transportation to and from the sanctuary, and even visa information. It’s important to remember that although this elephant sanctuary is your dream destination, you’re also a volunteer giving your time; therefore, you should also be taken care of, right alongside the elephants!

If your next dream destination includes tropical breezes and beautiful gentle elephants, then a sanctuary that prides itself on ethics and beautiful animals, like elephants, is probably at the top of your list. When selecting the sanctuary that’s right for you, keep in mind the importance of the overall ethical values of the sanctuary, the knowledge and skill level of the staff and what level of volunteer support they provide. If these important points are kept in mind, then your dream destination awaits!

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