6 Incredible Places to Visit Near Srinagar for a Fun-Filled Experience

Undoubtedly one of the most stunning places in India, Srinagar has some unparalleled scenic views as it is nestled in the snow-capped Himalayan range. From the breath-taking natural beauty, to the warm essence of Kashmiri cuisine, everything about the place is worth cherishing. Visiting Kashmir is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one might as well make the most of it by visiting some gems near Srinagar that could truly add some spark to the itinerary.

  • Betab Valley

This valley is located on the way to Amarnath, from Pahalgam. The name of the valley may stir up different images in your head, but quite opposite to its name, it is a land reminiscent of boundless tranquillity. The greenery and glistening water make you want to spend more time just sitting here. The valley was named after a movie that was shot here, but has so much more to offer than that.

  • Yousmarg

A true escapade from the chaotic city, the obscure hill station of Yousmarg is a sight to behold due to its green meadows. You can visit the Sang-e-Safed valley as well, which is 14 km away, and features a lake that is frozen even during the summer. Plan to stay overnight in a JKTDC hut here for a better experience.

  • Kokernag

This quaint town in Kashmir is located in the heart of the Breng Valley. The botanical gardens here are quite popular amongst tourists, supplemented by the sheer beauty of the scenic Breng valley. It is the perfect landscape, with green meadows, clear blue streams and majestic mountains. Trout breeding is an interesting activity to look out for here.

  • Sinthan Top

Further on the National Highway 244, from Srinagar to Kokernag, Sinthan Top is becoming a place of interest for tourists. The Kashmir Valley is separated from the Jammu region by this pass. It also sports a 360-degree point that offers an interesting view of Kashmir on one side and Jammu on the other. Moreover, there is always snow at the top due to its elevation, which is a source of excitement at all times.

  • Dachigam National Park

The name of this national park translates to ‘ten villages’, since ten villages for relocated to make way for the park. It has been protected for more than a hundred years now. Here there are alpine pastures, meadows, conifers, and beautiful waterfalls. The place is inhabited by the endangered Himalayan black and brown bears. While you may want to avoid a confrontation with them, you may be able to spot some Kashmiri Stag which might be the last to inhabit the place. Marsar Lake is another popular spot for trekkers. Tourists who are seeking sightseeing near Srinagar must make it a point to visit this fabulous place.

  • Doodhpathri

Doodhpathri is a small hill station, 9000 feet above sea level. It gets its name from the milky water contained in many of its streams. It is a feast for the eyes, and exemplary of the beauty of Kashmir with its green meadows against the background of snow-filled mountains. The flora of the area is also enchanting, covered with pines and deodars on the hills and flowers such as buttercups.

When you plan your vacation, book the best hotel in Gulmarg for an unforgettable vacation with memories worth holding onto for a very long time. A trip to Kashmir, and a pleasant stay will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to return to your life without feeling pulled down by your reasons to stress.


Cool items every traveler must have

Being a traveler, carry everything with you, so when you arrive, you are in the right state. Never pack light things; instead, pack smartly. While you are traveling, packing just a few numbers of things isn’t as significant as packing the right ones. As we all know, the burden often increases when you’re moving alone. So always get yourself prepared for any situation to keep everything on the track during your journey.

Some of us are simply too concerned to consider missing things. At the same time, others prefer comfort. It would be great to keep an eye on the latest technology products with respect to the factor of innovation. Yes, you’ve gotten it: we’re discussing cool items every traveler must have. These brilliant items that have perpetually changed the manner in which we experience the world. Well, these are lifelines for the present explorers. We understand the most irritating travel issues to keep our stuff properly packed, and also make the best presents for explorers.

Here are best travel accessories that are best to make your journey more secure, simpler and increasingly pleasant.

  1. Cargo shorts

An extensive number of people don’t wear cargo shorts at home since they look sort of senseless, and they’re often useless. Well, when you are traveling they’re one of the handiest things ever. Turns out I have a ton of things I have to put in my pockets: telephone, wallet, pens, maps and a lot more. It works awesome, as it has numerous pockets.

  1. Cell phone

Nobody leaves home without a cell phone nowadays, and that is particularly valid for explorers. You have your journal, your maps, your messages, your music, your light, and around a lot other convenient travel items. Even then, you cannot leave your gadget that fits in your pocket. By the way, for what reason would you abandon it?

  1. Hiking Boots

The main time I wear hiking boots is the point at which I’m going climbing. Else I don’t generally observe the purpose of uncommonly planned travel shoes. Well, these are little and light, so they’re anything and also not difficult to pack. In addition to this, these boots can be worn in basically all circumstances and always look decent. The only drawback is that your feet will be wet if you walking in the rain.

  1. Power Bank

To be very honest power bank is of the utmost priority when you are traveling. No matter, you are traveling in your own car, through a bus or through any other way, having a power bank is very important to keep in touch with your family, friends and anyone you want. All of us are living in the technological advance era, so having an iPhone or other Android gadget is our day-to-day need. If the battery is dead, it means we are back to the Stone Age times.

An extensive number of brands are selling power banks for both Apple and Android gadgets. Well, it is not smart thinking to carry all kinds of power banks with you. Some prominent companies are providing state-of-the-art power banks that are suitable for both companies’ devices. SO there is no need to worry about anything when you have a one-stop solution for phone charging.

  1. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Noise Cancelling Earbuds are widely popular and they really offset noise around the room or even when you are traveling. Best of all, you don’t need to really decrease the sound of music, because it can perform its job ideally. All you need is putting the earbuds on and then turn on the sound. There is no need to examine its effects in the room because this can easily perform even if you have put it on the louder tone. They have the intended effect on the ears and truly these are accepted by an extensive number of travelers. If you are with a renowned brand, you will realize they sound astounding when you’re playing music.

  1. Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is a necessary product that must be carried on while you are traveling alone or with a group. A few people use travel pillows to make their journey comfortable. It is often seen that a large number of people prefer using these pillows to move with comfort, especially when traveling is long and tiring. Even if your seat is not comfortable, this product can help you stay calm.

  1. A Portable Hotspot

It is common thinking that people do their work on their laptops. Still, when you are traveling to another city or a distant area, you often need a good WI-FI connection with you. What else do you need, if you have a broadband spot that helps you everywhere you go? These days, traveling companies are also providing WI-FI services to their customers in buses and coaches. Still, it is necessary to have when you are moving in your personal car.

  1. First aid pack

A first aid pack may prove to be useful in the emergency circumstances. This won’t come as an astonishment, in light of the fact that a ton of other people expresses the importance of a first aid unit. This is vital to keep yourself in the right shape, while you are moving around. It is possible that you might harm yourself while making some food. There may be many other possibilities, so it really important to save yourself from an issue.

  1. Eye Mask

There are many things that we often forgot to carry. One of the prominent ones is an eye mask. Well, you cannot deny the importance of this product when you are stuck in a circumstance when you really need to take a power nap. No matter you are traveling in the car (not driving), plane or train, it is always a good idea to cover your eye to do rest.

Keep your safety, health, and wellness on a prime priority during a long journey. There are many other cool items every traveler must have, but the above-mentioned are the best ones.

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Take a Cooking Class on Your Next Thai Holiday

Thai cooking

Have you decided to visit the amazing country of Thailand for your next holiday? Are you now trying to find all the different ways that you can really embrace and experience this stunning culture up close? Cuisine plays a tremendous role in the everyday life of Thai people and getting a better, more complete understanding of this cuisine can make a world of difference in terms of how you view the dishes and even the people themselves. However, while eating and enjoying the food is certainly a great experience, it won’t give you the in-depth knowledge that you’re looking for.

Instead, why not take a quality cooking class? These classes are designed to help you not only learn how to make some of the most delicious Thai classics but also give you a more thorough understanding of Thai culture as a whole. Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in one of these classes today.

Learn the History

When you take a private cooking class in Chiang Mai, you can rest assured that you’ll learn all the history behind the dish and the ingredients. Food is a culmination of different times and different areas and so learning how a dish came to be can be incredibly exciting. Your instructor will be able to tell you when this dish was first developed, why certain ingredients were used over others, and how it’s developed into what it is today so that you might have a deeper appreciation for what you’re enjoying each and every day on your trip.

Learn From the Best

Another reason why you’ll want to invest in one of these incredible classes will be the instructors themselves. These professionals will be absolute experts in Thai cuisine and will be able to give you a lesson that will stay with you for the rest of your life. These professionals take pride in the food that they cook and the recipes they share with their students so you can guarantee that you’ll be learning stunning Thai recipes that you can carry with you and enjoy for the rest of your life no matter where in the world you might live.

An Experience Unlike Any Other

Thailand is full of beautiful sites and incredible experiences all around the country but there can be no doubt that their food is one of the most important staples of their culture. However, few people really get to experience all that goes into this cuisine other than simply enjoying it in a restaurant or marketplace. When you decide to take one of these classes, though, you’ll be able to really get yourself into the culture and understand it at a much deeper level. This will be an experience unlike any other and will be something that you and your loved ones will remember for the rest of your lives.

Visiting Thailand can be one of the most amazing moments in anyone’s life. And really embracing the culture will make your trip even more incredible. Keep these benefits in mind and find a cooking class that you think you’ll enjoy today.

Staying in Vientiane Offers an Interesting Travel Escape

If you have never stayed in Vientiane, you will need to make a reservation at a luxury hotel soon. The national capital of Laos combines modern architecture with many traditional and culturally interesting buildings.

An Interesting Travel Experience

Stay at a hotel with Mekong view, Vientiane city accommodation and enjoy all the sites and attractions in a central location. For example, you can see a number of temples and landmarks when you stay inside of the city.

The Pha That Luang gold stupa rises over 44 meters high while the Patuxai arch, surrounded by palms, commemorates war veterans. You will also want to see the Wat Si Saket, which is a Buddhist temple featuring thousands of Buddhas. Another culturally interesting structure to see is the Haw Phra Kaew temple which was once a Buddhist temple and is now a museum.

A Laid-Back Capital

Vientiane is located on the northeast bank of the Mekong River and feels more laid back and relaxed when compared to other capitals. Not only does the city feature a diverse range of eateries and hotels but it features French-styled architecture, colonial in design. The number of Buddhist temples provides an attractive contrast to all the Buddhist temples.

Buddha Park

If you want to see some memorable sites, be sure to take time to schedule visits to the temples. You will also want to stop by the Xieng Khuan, or Buddha Park. The park, which is open from 8 am to 5 pm, can be reached by traditional tuk-tuk or public bus.

The aforementioned Pha That Luang is considered a sacred religious structure and its foundation dates back to third-century Asia. However. the current building was built in 1566 after Vientiane became the capital. Covered in actual gold, the building displays painted turrets around the central stupa. Visitors can easily reach the attraction by bicycle or tuk-tuk.

Visiting the Vientiane Night Market

Shopping is also an interesting experience in this city that mixes the modern and traditional. The Vientiane night market sets up along the Mekong riverfront. Browse rows and rows of red-roofed stalls displaying electronics, handicrafts, clothes, and similar items.

Vendors begin each day to set up their displays and wares during sunset. Therefore, the market is quite busy around 8 pm. If you wish to eat traditional Laos cuisine, you will want to stop by the market. The market is open from 6 pm to just after 9 pm each day.

After taking in these types of sights, you will want to go back to a hotel that defines luxury and convenience. You can find just what you are seeking in the capital. The capital is not in short supply of top-rate accommodations so you should be able to find a hotel that meets with your preferences with respect to budget, cleanliness, and amenities.

Go Online and Book an Accommodation

Find that place to stay today in Vientiane. Whether you are taking a holiday or wish to conduct business, you will enjoy the diversity and luxury that is regularly experienced by visitors to the city.