Why John Clemenza Finds New York To Be The Ultimate Destination For Vacation


New York, the city of skyscrapers, has a vast resource for fun and complete enjoyment. Just plan for a holiday trip and you’ll get to know why. Those who have already been into the place for quite a few times have realized that even though they visit the place for hundred times, it won’t be possible for them cover even a percent of what the entire city has to offer. Everyone gets hold of those popular destinations and familiar places, but there are some independent galleries as well which wait eagerly to be visited, and even those unknown streets where a walk gives you lifetime memories.

Just for the first time, you put in a step, and you get to know of the positive vibe that the entire city drills within. The city has been the heartthrob of lives for ages and there is umpteen number of photo exhibition having the theme of New York where the favorite destinations and the city life has come up in different shades and angles. As a result of it, people have kept dreaming on their own about life in New York and made the place an iconic destination across the world.

A Mixed Bag of Experience- John Clemenza Gets It Straight For Travelers

New York has always been the epitome of culture never restricting it to the stereotypes and welcoming all amidst itself. Whether you speak of the Broadway shows or the art galleries that lay scattered across the city, John Clemenza keeps finding a complete mix and match of both popular and unique cultures of the entire world. This somewhat gives the city its own identity and allows people to easily fuse with it.

Those who love art and artifacts will be definitely looking for some blockbuster exhibitions. The Museum of Modern Art is definitely on the checklist for these people. The fascinating architecture and the creative concept make your walk worthy within.

Workaholic to Shopaholic- A City That Fits All

What do you want? Whether it’s the Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s or the Saks, brands are spread all galore on the Fifth Avenue for you to buy and enhance your collection. Can’t afford them? You can at least make your window shopping fun, and then fill your bags with real bargains at the outlet malls just outside the city. The Mills at Jersey Gardens has already gained enough accolades especially after the renovation that it went through. With more than two hundred glossy shops featuring some of the famous brands, the place is an absolute beauty.

How can you even forget that the city never sleeps? That means the nightlife is still waiting for you. If clubs are to be found, John Clemenza says you don’t need to get out on the streets much, because they lay in series anywhere you look at. Be it the Johnson’s in the low east side or The Bar Room you might hit in, the experience is simply going to stay with you forever.

So what are you waiting for? Get your bags packed, and catch the early morning flight as soon as possible.

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