Top 5 Off The Beat Attractions In Paris

Everyone who goes to Paris wants to visit the Louvre Museum or to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. Those are the most popular attractions in Paris, but there are others who are not so famous but you should visit them because they are interesting. We’ve made a top with 5 off the beat attractions in Paris:

  1. Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures

If you are a fan of “Interview with a vampire” or you like obscure things, then you must visit this museum.  Jacques Sirgent is the owner of the museum and he dedicated his time to study occidental folklore, esoterism and vampirism. He is willing to share his knowledge with you and you can spent hours in this little museum. Here you will find antique books, Dracula toys, vampire killing kit, paintings, movie posters and other uncanny objects. You can visit the museum only if you make an appointment.

  1. The Museum of Carnival Arts

You can visit this impressive private museum only if you make an appointment or when it‘s Festival du Merveilleux and European Heritage Days. The museum was opened by Jean Paul Favand (antique dealer and actor) and it has 5 thematic rooms:

  • Magic Room (here you can see what a ballroom looked like in 1920.)
  • The greenery Theater ( a beautiful garden )
  • The Venetian Rooms
  • The theater of Marvels
  • Museum of fairground arts( here you can see how carnival from 19thcentury looked like)
  1. Grevin museum

This is a wax museum and it was opened by Arthur Meyer in 1882. Here, you can find wax figures of famous international and French politicians, musicians and actors. Also, there is a section dedicated to the history of France where you can see scenes from the French Revolution or another bloody ones like murders and tortures. There is representation of the Jean-Paul Marat murder (committed by Charlotte Corday) and it includes the original bathtub and knife.

  1. The Museum of Magic

This is another amazing private museum from Paris and it’s dedicated to the art of magic. The museum exposes a collection of objects connected to the magic performances, amazing optical illusions, old posters for magic shows etc.  From time to time, magic performances are held here.

  1. The Edith Piaf Museum

This museum was opened by Bernard Marchois who wrote 2 biographies about the greatest French singer. The museum pays tribute to Edith Piaf and here you can see the objects that belonged to her: photos, books, black dresses, furniture, letters and many other things.

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Visit And Enjoy Top Attraction Sites In Sydney

Sydney, Australia, has attractive and famous beaches. There are, however, multiple activities to do in this wonderful city. The sites are attractive to people living here and tourists alike. Sydney has the best attractions in the world. You can take your trip there any time of the year.

Harbour Bridge

This stands as the city’s main iconic landmark. It has the glory of being the largest steel bridge in the world. There are also ferry boats, from where you can get a view or a picture of the bridge. The experience of climbing the bridge is astounding, unforgettable and fun.

Sydney Harbour

This is very famous for its beautiful natural harbour. It is dubbed to be the most beautiful harbour in the world. This is because of its long stretch of 30 square miles. The shores are filled with white sand that makes it the best beach. When visiting Sydney for the first time, ensure you visit this harbour.

Opera House

The Opera House in Sydney was designed by a Danish architect. It has a sailboat inspired design. It has multiple features that include millions of tiles on the four roof shells. There is a theatre where top acoustic music is performed. This building allows the perfect view of Sydney and is among the top things to do in Sydney.


There are multiple beaches in Sydney, Australia. One of them is Coogee Beach. When you need a touch of sunbathing during your vacation, this is the best place to be. Some of the activities popular here include snorkelling and walking along the beach. There are multiple eateries along this beach, giving the perfect chance to try out the various Australian cuisines.

Royal Botanic Garden

The garden is laid out on 74 acres of land and was founded in 1816. The main plants here include colourful flora and fauna. There are various divisions in the garden, with different plants that include ferns, orchids, lilies, and many more. The garden also includes a herb garden.

Barracks Museum

This museum is significant for previously being a prison for boys and men. The prisoners were transported from Britain. This is evidence enough that the museum is very rich in history. You will probably have some history to learn. Travel and have a learning experience.

South Wales Art Gallery

When you are interested in art, visit Sydney and get a taste of indigenous, contemporary and colonial art. This includes paintings and pictures. It features various styles of art that include the use of ceramics, and aboriginal art. Get a chance to interact with the local artists, who are available to demonstrate, in the art galleries.

Visit and explore the exciting places in Sydney. You can benefit from much variety and enjoy your vacation. There are multiple activities for children, especially on the beaches. Get a taste of water sports, and have the most exciting vacation. Take the chance to mingle with other people visiting Sydney, to interact and socialise.

Some Of The Best Honeymoon Spots In South India

After the wedding, the couples must spice up their marriage by going to a place that is romantic and secluded, so that they can spend private moments together. Those who have been married for several years now can also go on a second time honeymoon to rekindle their love and assure their partner of their vows.  Regardless if you want to go to the beach or you want to be on top of the hill or just a place where you can silently spend time together, South India has something in store for you. You can just open your computer and look for Cleartrip flights coupons. They will provide you with a less expensive trip.


If you want to go to the Carribean, but you do not have enough budgets, Kovalam is a better alternative. You can hug each other throughout the day and still feel the relaxation of your honeymoon trip. Enjoying each other’s company will never be a problem here, because the entire place is very romantic.

Alleppey where silence is the language of the heart

In this part of India, you will feel loved and would like to give love to others. The entire place is so romantic and this is just the best place to spend your honeymoon trip. The silence of the backwaters will allow you to talk to each other even in silence.


Everyone just wants to be loved and there is no other way to show your love than to take your love one in a secluded place. You will be able to witness how the love grows deep in a passionate manner as time goes by. You can add it with a tweak of the French method to your honeymoon and it will surely make every moment count.

Coorg: the Scotland of India

Nothing in the world can actually purchase happiness of being with your loved one. You can add colors to it by going on a honeymoon trip. This is one of the best things to do if you cannot find time alone together back home due to your busy work schedule, daily routines and kids too. In this known as the Scotland of India and it never fails to provide the best experience for those who seek for serenity during their trip.


Every couple deserves to relax and step out of their comfort zone to find out what they want in life and so do with couples. You can sail in the silent of the backwaters of Kumarakom and then relax while on a houseboat. You can make your honeymoon the best one in this part of India.


If you want to feel the love or you want to rekindle your romantic side, then a trip to Munnar can help. The tea plantations, the hills and the windy roads will all help in redefining your relationship.  This is important for couples who are very busy taking care of their families.  Cleartrip discount coupons help you to travel with ease and save your money. Expedia offers discounts in hotel booking, flight booking and many other things.

Places To Visit In Romania – Your Best Holiday Destinations

There’s so much to explore more than vampires in Romania. Think of the time-capsule villages, quaint medieval towns, tasty cuisines, virgin forests, painted monasteries, blossoming art community, and majestic mountains. That is the reason why you can guarantee that visiting Romania will be your best holiday experience.

When it comes to places to visit in Romania, you can choose from any of these below:

  • Alba Iulia

It’s the said city where it all started. Back in year 1918, the union of Romania with Transylvania was declared in this place and known as the birthplace of Romania. The city has also deep significance for local people. But, Alba Iulia is well off the beaten path for majority of the tourists coming from abroad. Hasburg Citadel is one of the most stirring sights here. Located up on the hill, it offers a beautiful panoramic view over the gently rolling countryside.

  • Brasov

One of the most popular Romania tourist attractions is Brasov. It is beautiful and has a great location, fringed by the peaks of Carpathian Mountains with tons of hiking trails through the forests surrounding it. The heart of the city is basically the old Town Hall Square, yet it’s far from being the bustling place. Life here has a slow pace and people are relaxed as well as the terraces serve good beer, food, and beer cocktails. You will also find the Black Church in Brasov and this is known as the biggest Gothic church around Romania.

  • Bran Castle

World renowned as the lair of the vampires, it’s most popular attraction in Romania. It’s the best place to go for those who love about vampires. Although you won’t find vampires here, you’ll get a glimpse of the best views over the incredible countryside and pretty medieval castle with strong character.

  • Sibiu

It was considered as the European Capital of Culture last 2007. Back in fourteenth century, it used to be a crucial trade center and different guilds, which coexisted, gave their name to old medieval towers that surround the city.

Once you visit Sibiu, you will be amazed to know that the houses have eyes. A stroll along the Upper Town’s cobbled streets might give you the feel that you’re being watched. But, there’s nothing to be afraid of this place as you can enjoy an ice cream and enjoy watching the fountain found in Large Square.

You will also have a chance to see Brukenthal Art Museum. The section for Romanian art will shed light on the best artistic talents this place gave the planed. One of the best masterpiece you will find is the Bridge of Lies and its’ the Sibiu’s quirkiest attraction.

There are other exciting places to visit in Romania. If you like history and interesting legends, Romania will give you everything you need to see and learn. So, prepare yourself to indulge the amazing place of Romania and explore more Romania tourists attractions.

Explore The Heavenly Places In South Asia

Asia the largest continent is always a fascinating destination to explore and people can spend a fabulous time witnessing the beauty of the locations around. The South Asia is one exceptional region that amazes the travelers the appeal attracts people to spend a memorable vacation.

There are a few wonderful places around South Asia which are much popular and islands that are suitable to enjoy an adventurous holiday which are a one must visit destinations in a lifetime.

  • Singapore:Loaded with mind-blowing attractions Singapore is one south East Asia there is a lot more to do in Singapore. Famed for shopping Singapore amazes every traveler and people can enjoy witnessing the beauty of the various attractive sites. The Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Tiger Sky Tower and a few more museums are perfect to spend time.
  • Malaysia:Staring from the enchanting capital Kuala Lumpur Malaysia welcomes people to explore the colonial buildings and dynamic attractions which are seen around the region. There are innumerable hill stations, shores, and a man made wonders around Malaysia which is to be seen during the vacation. The Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara, Mount Kinabula, Langkawi and many more are the worthy regions and popular destinations of the Malaysia which turn the region much unique and a finest tourist destination.
  • Indonesia:A wonderful region with vibrant culture is one of the largest countries of Asia grabs the attention of travelers worldwide. Starting from the beaches in Bali till various amazing attractions there are a lot to explore in Indonesia which provides an appropriate chance to enjoy a special holiday. The dynamic landmarks, UNESCO sites and a few more are worthy to explore during the visit to Indonesia. The Borobudur, Gili Islands, Tana Toraja, Raja Ampat Islands, Monkey forest, national parks and many more are perfect for snorkeling, hiking and the stunning attractions welcome travelers to spend a memorable holiday.
  • Thailand:A special destination Thailand always grabs the attention of the travelers with world-class beaches, trekking sites, islands bustling natural wonders. Make sure that you plan a splendid holiday exploring the spectacular sites around Thailand. Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Maya Bay, The Grand Palace and a few more exceptional sites are ancient and worthy to visit. Thai delicacies are much popular along with the shopping attractions which make people gain a chance to see the ancient relics, temples and fascinating sites during the holiday.
  • Vietnam:A blend of natural attractions, landmarks and fabulous destinations Vietnam is one of the mind-blowing destinations of Asia. One can see various exceptional sites around the region starting from Hanoi, Sapa, and Laos there are several places that are known for a unique grace. Exploring caves and enjoys hiking along with various activities in the eye popping destinations like VangVieng, Nha Trang, Mui Ne and a few more.
  • Nepal:A beautiful country with attractive nature and attractions. It is filled with rich temples and monasteries with rich history. Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Mahendra Cave, Lumbini, Swayambhunath Temple and Bhaktapur are the popular attractions in Nepal. You can find here a number of monasteries related to Buddha and culture. This country is popular for adventure activities and treks for those who are adventure seekers.

The above are a few enchanting regions of Asia which are to be explored as one can discover the  famed destinations which are dedicated to shopping, marvelous natural beauty and a few more sea coasts that surely offer a magnificent holiday experience.

Best Places To Stay In North America

North America has a specific reputation all over the world that makes people crave for the opportunity to live the American dream. North America has a rich blend of culture and a booming economy that makes it by far the most developed nation in the world. It is the land of ever present opportunities and it is for this reason that millions of people apply to get residence in the US. After these people get their US green card, they then realize that that was only the beginning of a series of hard decisions that they have to make. One of the most important decisions they make will be on where to stay.

-New York City

The largest city in the US is full of opportunity and purpose. The city is filled with job opportunity due to its large business fraternity. It is a cultured city with museums and libraries to cater for your knowledge appetite. New York City has a reputation to have some of the largest corporations in the world, making it a prime place to look for jobs.

-Los Angeles

If it is good weather you are looking for, then Los Angeles is definitely the place to be. Los Angeles has a warm and sunny climate that many people really enjoy. The warm weather has turned the city into a hotspot for tourist attraction. The tourism has risen the revenue of the city and it is now one of the best employers in North America, with a very low unemployment rate.

– Texas

The rest of the world perceives Texas as a dusty, dry place, where everyone wears cowboy boots and has a weird accent. Contrary to this notion, Texas is one of the richest cities in the US. Boasting a large oil reservoir, it has a healthy investment in place, making it a very developed city. The crime rate is also very low and it would be ideal for bringing up a family in such a safe environment. With the city’s big inflow of investors, it would be the perfect place to start a business. The investors would readily be available to take part in the new business venture. The city is also the home of the company Dell, one of the largest technology companies we have today, making it a great employment opportunity for technology related fields.


The city is the origin for many rappers and musicians we know today. It is no surprise this is so, because of the numerous record labels around the city. People with the passion and talent for the entertainment industry flock the city to get their shot to the big leagues in the industry.

-San Francisco

The city is thought to be one of the safest cities in the US. It boasts a great variety of races and cultures and everyone can feel at home in this city. The number of colleges and universities will ensure that your children get the best opportunity for getting a degree. For this reason it has the highest number of degree holders in the US today. San Francisco is also a very clean city, The people value their city’s cleanliness and put it upon themselves to ensure that the city is clean making it have little pollution hazards.

Why John Clemenza Finds New York To Be The Ultimate Destination For Vacation

New York, the city of skyscrapers, has a vast resource for fun and complete enjoyment. Just plan for a holiday trip and you’ll get to know why. Those who have already been into the place for quite a few times have realized that even though they visit the place for hundred times, it won’t be possible for them cover even a percent of what the entire city has to offer. Everyone gets hold of those popular destinations and familiar places, but there are some independent galleries as well which wait eagerly to be visited, and even those unknown streets where a walk gives you lifetime memories.

Just for the first time, you put in a step, and you get to know of the positive vibe that the entire city drills within. The city has been the heartthrob of lives for ages and there is umpteen number of photo exhibition having the theme of New York where the favorite destinations and the city life has come up in different shades and angles. As a result of it, people have kept dreaming on their own about life in New York and made the place an iconic destination across the world.

A Mixed Bag of Experience- John Clemenza Gets It Straight For Travelers

New York has always been the epitome of culture never restricting it to the stereotypes and welcoming all amidst itself. Whether you speak of the Broadway shows or the art galleries that lay scattered across the city, John Clemenza keeps finding a complete mix and match of both popular and unique cultures of the entire world. This somewhat gives the city its own identity and allows people to easily fuse with it.

Those who love art and artifacts will be definitely looking for some blockbuster exhibitions. The Museum of Modern Art is definitely on the checklist for these people. The fascinating architecture and the creative concept make your walk worthy within.

Workaholic to Shopaholic- A City That Fits All

What do you want? Whether it’s the Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s or the Saks, brands are spread all galore on the Fifth Avenue for you to buy and enhance your collection. Can’t afford them? You can at least make your window shopping fun, and then fill your bags with real bargains at the outlet malls just outside the city. The Mills at Jersey Gardens has already gained enough accolades especially after the renovation that it went through. With more than two hundred glossy shops featuring some of the famous brands, the place is an absolute beauty.

How can you even forget that the city never sleeps? That means the nightlife is still waiting for you. If clubs are to be found, John Clemenza says you don’t need to get out on the streets much, because they lay in series anywhere you look at. Be it the Johnson’s in the low east side or The Bar Room you might hit in, the experience is simply going to stay with you forever.

So what are you waiting for? Get your bags packed, and catch the early morning flight as soon as possible.

5 Unmissable Things To See In Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that never sleeps, it’s a city of wonder and magic. There are so many things to do in Barcelona and often people don’t know where to start. To get the most out of your visit to Barcelona plan ahead to make sure the best things for you.

  1. See the works of Gaudi – There are so many Gaudi works around the city, from the beautiful Park Güel to the unfinished masterpiece Sagrada Familia which is expected to be completed in 40 to 50 years. The best way to see these sites is with a comfortable Gaudi Tour because Gaudi’s work is so complex it’s best to have someone to uncover things that you don’t see within his work.
  2. Camp Nou – For football fans, Camp Nou is a temple to football. Here you can tour the grounds of Barcelona FC one of the most successful football clubs in the world and chart their history from small local club to international stardom. As one of the largest football stadiums in the world Camp Nou is amazing to see even if you are not a football fan.
  3. Barcelona’s Musuems – There are too many amazing museums to see in Barcelona, make sure you research what interests you and to visit them. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is particularly amazing with it’s huge collection of Romanesque freshcoes.
  4. La Ramblas – In the centre of Barcelona, La Ramblas is known for its busy shopping streets and winding lanes. There is a huge amount to explore and discover here, many tourests spend a full day exploring the winding streets here and hidden shops. This is the historial centre of Barcelona and you will see the varying architectural styles thought the ages.
  5. Montserrat Monastery – A short journey away from Barcelona and pearched on a jagged mountain, Montserrat is a place of pure peace and solitude. A favourate of tourists and locals alike. Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery and is reached using a cable train which climbs the mountain. Going to Montserrat is a great way to experience the unique landscape of the Catalonian region.

Make sure you plan your trip to Barcelona before you go, there are so many amazing places to see and so many things to do that to get the most out of your trip you need to make an itinerary. It’s worth using a tour guide to get the most out of your trip, especially in Barcelona’s historical district and when exploring Barcelona’s beautiful buildings.